About Us

Apricot Dreams all began as a dream that owner and founder, Tiffany E. Conn had one night. In this dream, she was living the life she had always dreamed of thanks to a business she had started. While this subconscious fantasy never said what that business was, in the dream, she noted everything was labeled with the word Apricot. From there, playing on the fact that it stemmed from an actual dream, she coined the name Apricot Dreams and knew one day she would start a business with that name.
From 2012 to 2021, Tiffany pursued, accomplished, and worked in the salon and beauty industry as a hair stylist, educator, lash & makeup artist, and salon suite owner. In February of 2021, everything changed when she woke up from a dream about quitting her job. Being a dreamer and actively allowing dreams to guide her in life, Tiffany questioned and prayed about this choice. The very next day, the nerves in her arms locked up and she found herself experiencing too much pain to proceed with performing salon services. After prayerful consideration and discussing it with trusted council of friends and family, she closed her salon suite in April, and switched gears from hair to clothes by May 1st, 2021, when she launched our website, apricotdreams.com.
Since our launch, we have dramatically expanded our inventory, participated in some pop-up shops/vendor markets, and are currently planning and preparing for our next steps as we work toward a goal of finding and opening our first brick and mortar location, hopefully in 2022.
As somebody who moved around a lot, Tiffany found herself always desperate to try new styles, but also often discouraged by demographic segregation of style. You'll find our collections are named after different cities that reflect styles of different areas, so that way, you'll always find an item that reflects your style, regardless of your geographical demographic.
Tiffany is a worship pastor at her church in Clarksville, TN, and a fur mama to her spunky, hardcore, attention-seeking, punk yorkie, Rampion, who's name is stemmed from her favorite fairytale and book series. She is a photographer, an avid reader, aspiring author, fairytale enthusiast, and an activist for left-handed tools in a right-handed world. She loves to laugh and make jokes, and insists her name is pronounced Tiff-FUNNY for a reason.
Follow this journey with us and join the dream. We are actively seeking models of various sizes, shapes, styles, and colors in the Clarksville/Nashville area. E-mail us at apricotdreamsboutique@gmail.com for ambassador or modeling opportunities.