Realistic Fashion for the Everyday Woman

At Apricot Dreams, we know how hard it can be to find clothes that can be worn anywhere, and by anyone. We strive to curate collections that offer items able to be worn by a variety of sizes, style demographics, and occasions.

We launched our online store in May 2021 in Middle Tennessee, but recently made the decision to move our family down to Central Florida. We are currently working on rebranding our site and our company, so please bare with us.

When we are closer to our rebranding timeline, we will announce our new direction for our boutique business and what that looks like going forward for us. We hope to see you in our next era. In the meantime, enjoy these styles that you're sure to love.

Celebrating Every Demographic

Plus Size

Plus Size

This collection shares all our styles that are available in sizes 1x-3x...